6 comments on “Factors: Houston Texans Cap/FA Situation

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  2. Either the drafting was bad or the coaching was bad. Kubiak had a big sayso in the drafting and had everything to do with the bad coaching. I don’t put everything on Kubiak but he was a lot of the problem and Smith is the rest of it.
    I still think we should try to get TRUE value for our 1.1 pick in a trade, stay in the top six and pick the highest guy left on our board and then fill our holes with the rest of the draft and a trade or two.

  3. Agreed. I am trying to figure out where he came up with Kareem’s name on this extension talk. Maybe he meant someone else. I don’t think Kareem Jackson and the word extension deserve to be listed in the same sentence.

    • I don’t think a down year in front of atrocious safeties is reason to disown a cornerback, particularly when said cornerback was excellent in 2012.

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  5. Kareem Jackson proved himself worthy of an extension? The guy was rated the #78 corner in the league by Pro Football Focus and was a penalty machine last year.

    Since when is a 2nd round pick a mid rounder – Brooks Reed?


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